Eukaryotic Tree of Life (245 species)

Interactive representation of the second pilot version of the Tree Of Life (TOL) obtained by using the Nested Phylogenetic Reconstruction approach to add 29 new fungal species to the previously generated TOL version. Note that only some nodes were required to be recomputed.

Nodes represented as green spheres indicate partitions for which an optimized phylogenetic tree was reconstructed using a refined set of orthologous genes and are well supported (aLRT support = 1.0). Optimized nodes with aLRT support lower than 1.0 are indicated as red spheres. Yellow spheres indicate optimized nodes for which aLRT data is not available yet. Non optimized nodes are represented as small squares and follow the same coloring system to represent aLRT support. Any node in the tree can be clicked to extend the details of its reconstruction. Please note that this tree is not rooted